Irish Patches: Perfect Gifts For Every Occasion
Irish Patches: Perfect Gifts For Every Occasion

Irish Patches: Perfect Gifts For Every Occasion

Whether it is a Good Friday, Christmas, a friend’s birthday, or Halloween… finding a gift for your loved ones is an uphill battle. Such as if it is someone’s special day. You think of buying a fashion garment in their favourite colour, a perfume, or a custom bracelet. Then you realize that you have already gifted them each of these things. You even baked them a cake last year and threw a surprise party the previous year.

You have been thinking for hours and still cannot decide what to get this year. Something that will brighten their entire day. You are so done with this struggle, and you now think there are no options left, and you might just give them some cash.

Hold your horses right here… listen to us! It is not your fault, though. The occasions and gifts associated with them have been clichéd over the years. It is nobody’s fault, but we have just the solution for you – Irish Patches. A perfect ensemble for your dearest ones.

A Bespoke Irish Patch Rocks Every Occasion!

Patches are fine bits of magic. They are so versatile and sturdy that they stay with you for years and years. Imagine one thing that your family member or colleague got you. It stays with you as their memory throughout your life. Never gets out of fashion, is easily washable, and stays intact forever. Surprisingly cool, right?

We knew it. You are going to love it. This is why we have these five ideas on how you can use bespoke Irish patches to rock every one of your occasions.

1) A Touch Of Flair

It is up to you how you manage the colour palate of your patchwork to bring in some glow. You can either use multiple shades of the same colour for subtlety or play with vibrant colours. Moreover, there are two similar concepts where either you choose the adjacent colours on the colour wheel or the opposite ones. Then, you combine those 3 to 4 hues to make a personalized theme for your brooch.

    For instance, you can choose the theme of greens and pick some hues accordingly. Then, you can add the tartan style of some other texture to increase the uniqueness if the occasion is your brother’s wedding. We would suggest that you get various badges made. Each with a tag of team groom and team bride. This idea will catch all the eyes!

    2) Seal With Originality

    Next, you should add the element of individuality. It takes just a little effort to bring smiles to the faces of your beloved. Therefore, put in some creativity and make it exclusive and bold.

    First, think of the things that your dearest one is interested in. What are their favourite symbols? Probably stars, butterflies, or the logo of their favourite sports team.  Bring it all together and create a basic sketch of your perception of them (your beloved). Then, find a good-quality patch provider and get your DIY brooch ready.

    Another way in which you can style the brooch with your imagination is to add Irish phrases like ‘happy out’ or ‘Aman Chara’, which means soulmate. Is this effort to not die for and truly beautiful? However, wait, that’s not all.  

    3) Follow Your Inspiration

    While getting a brooch made, it is super easy to blend in your inspirations and ideas. They are empty rooms that serve as blank canvases for your vision. Then, even if it is a morale badge or travel patch, it does not matter. The only that matters is the thought and effort behind the gift.

    For example, for the 25th anniversary of your company, you can distribute morale patches. It is similar to how you can kill 2 birds with just one stone. Badges distributed act as a token of appreciation as well as a decorative item on the staff uniform. Moreover, this also means that every day, the staff will wear the badge to work. They will become walking advertisements of the company without an additional cost.

    4) Staying In Your Budget

    Moving on to the greatest feature of these iron on patches. They are heavier on the impact scale and lighter on the pocket. Yes! Without a doubt, they leave an impression on people’s minds, such as when handed over to an individual as a fundraiser merchandise or even as a souvenir. The person is going to remember you every time they wear it.

    So, get your idea together and get ready to spread a powerful message silently. For example, for St. Patrick’s Day, you can buy a padded hat with tartan print. Then, you take it to a needlework expert and get the shamrock or tri-colour flag printed on it. Seems good; however, what if you add a leprechaun, too, with the face of your sister? This level of personalization is sure to turn heads.

    5) Sprinkle The Love!

    Another way in which you can turn the regular patches into one-of-a-kind presents for any given occasion is by sprinkling the love! Suppose that the person to receive this gift is a collector by hobby. What could be a better choice than a rare piece of cloth badge for them?

    Use your imagination and show them that you care. The whole idea of a gift is to express your feelings to someone in the form of a tangible asset. So that when you are not around, the item still reminds them of you. A perfect example would be the PVC support patch that you present to them in a situation where a patient has just cleared his screening tests. This is proof that they have bravely fought a fatal disease. You can show them your respect and support with the help of a patch. It might seem trivial, but how the patient will feel about this thoughtful gesture is beyond anyone’s comprehension.

    Bringing It All Together…

    Hence, these tiny wonders are the most suitable gifts for any event, Whether it is a baby shower, anniversary party, festival, wedding, graduation, or a celebration of fighting cancer successfully. Every bit of an achievement is worth celebrating, even if it is the first step for your baby. A tailor-made badge should be your go-to solution.

    So hurry up and start collecting inspiration for your next patch. Choose whatever you want just remember that the emblem should be a reflection of your dearest one’s personality. It should give off the same vibes and match the look, too. Then only you will get to see the brightest of the smile on their pretty faces!

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