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Embroidered Patches IE is the best and trusted custom patches maker in Dublin that offers endless possibilities of customization to buyers, at affordable prices.

Embroidered Patches IE Is The #1 Choice: Here's Why?

  • Uses Best Quality Materials
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Personalized Patches in Ireland Weaved With Awesomeness in Every Stich

Embroidered Patches IE

Irish Patch Design Agency: A Captain of the Industry

EmbroideredPatchesIE is among Ireland's front-runner patches design companies that have raised the bar for all market rivalries. With a tight-knit team of expert patch makers, creative designers, and professional manufacturers, we know what it takes to deliver a high-quality badge design online.

Our smashing cool patches design company in Ireland can be your source of personalized patches for any purpose. Whether you need it to adorn your apparel, want patches for clothes to hide a hole, or for professional purposes like marketing, representing your firm somewhere, or reflecting unity among your employees – our high-quality Irish custom embroidered patches are the only solution you'd need.

The foremost priority concern at our professional patches design agency is to develop inch-precise personalized patches as per customer's demand. With perfect measurements, in-depth analysis, and on-point inch machine settings, the produced badges are precisely designed according to customer's dream design.

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Embroidered Patches IE

Choose from your favourite type of personalized badge and get a wearable form of art for yourself:

Embroidered PatchesChenille BadgesPVC / Rubber BadgesEmbroidered 3D PuffWoven BadgesLeather BadgesPrinted / SublimatedSilicone BadgesBullion BadgesTPU Badges

Supported By Any Kind Of Backing

Embroidered Patches IE

Just like we support your creative ideas, likewise, opt for any kind of backing to support your patch:

Iron-OnNon-WovenSelf-StickClutch PinsMagnetic
Get Personalized Embroidered Patches Within 4 StepsEmbroidered Patches IE

The procedure to work with our incredible patch design company is hassle-free, easy and convenient. The best thing is we keep every step transparent for customer assurance.

1. Reveal Your Requirements

Initiate the process by uploading your requirements. It's great if you have a design sample; otherwise, share your design requirements. The brilliant designers will mock up your design for approval.

2. Approve Digital Draft

For us, perfection is everything. We will send you a digital draft. You can request unlimited free revisions until you are satisfied with the design. This step will give you an idea of how the end product would look like.

3. Ready To Manufacture

Once we have your valuable approval, we'd send the design to the manufacturers. A custom-made badge will be manufactured considering your desired kind of backing, patch, and other specifications.

4. On-Time Delivery

After making the final product go through rigorous quality checks, we'll dispatch your order and guarantee on-time delivery. The badges are packed perfectly and dispatched, so you receive the order on time.

Personalized Embroidered Patches
Embroidered Patches Ireland
Experienced Irish Patch Makers Distilled With Innovative And Creative IdeasEmbroidered Patches IE

Allow us to give a quick overview of master Irish patch makers and manufacturers who have joined hands with us. They empower our patch design agency to stay ahead of the competition every time.

The Star Patch Maker in Ireland
Ms.Rigby Tennyson
Ms.Rigby Tennyson
Rating :99%
Patches :250+

With a knack for designing, Rigby is a curious soul who doesn't rests until she has designed and delivered something exceptionally unique. And that's the reason she has cemented a spot as a "Patch Maker Of The Month".

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Landon Oswald
Landon Oswald
Experiance :8+ Years
Happy Clients :879+
Projects :890+
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Winston Vail
Winston Vail
Experiance :9+ Years
Happy Clients :1023+
Projects :1099+
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Baxter Kendra
Baxter Kendra
Experiance :7+ Years
Happy Clients :8699+
Projects :8794+
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Hazel Lynn
Hazel Lynn
Experiance :7+ Years
Happy Clients :7500+
Projects :7529+
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Check Compilation Of Our Customized Embroidered Patches SamplesPatch Sample
Embroidered Patches IE - Sample Design
Embroidered Patches IE - Sample Design
Embroidered Patches IE - Sample Design
Embroidered Patches IE - Sample Design
Embroidered Patches IE - Sample Design
Embroidered Patches IE - Sample Design

Reviews By Irish Customers Who Shopped Personalized Embroidered Patches

Our Customers
"5 Star Rating"High-Quality Threads"

Super easy and smooth process from start to finish!! The design is perfectly copied just the way I wanted. The embroidery threads are on-point and of high quality. Bright colours and perfectly customized.

"5 Star Rating"Splashy Colors"

I was a patch manufacturer back then. I can recognize high-quality badges. And trust me, EmbroideredPatchesIE uses top-notch quality material. The splashy colours and the finest fabric is just the best combo.

"5 Star Rating"Helpful People"

The patch shape I ordered from them was a bit tricky. But their patch consultant helped me so much in choosing the right type of backing and patch. They are very helpful people – it was great working with them.

Custom-Made Patches In Ireland: Express Your Uniqueness

We give you a blank canvas to get as creative as possible. Then we turn your design into a customized embroidered patch that expresses your uniqueness. Our patches design agency is filled with adept and skillful patch makers and designers who can understand and deliver exactly what you need. Every string is weaved with perfection to create personalized patches inspired by your distinctive design. The team working with us is the real driving force for our company's success.

Ireland National Patches

Patch Design Company In Ireland With A Versatile Range Of Backing

Your thread creation filled with colours is supported by top-quality backing. We have a versatile range of backing options available to give your dream creation one more shot of assurance. You can secure your customized patch confidently because it's never going to move from its place. Each type of backing serves a different purpose. Varying upon your use; we'd be more than happy to guide you about the best-suitable backing. Our range of backings counts in iron on patches UK, heat and seal, clutch pins, hard hook & loop, and a lot more.

The versatility isn't bounded to backings, but the vast scope of personalization is offered in patches too. From intricate detail and text to logo patches, vector patches, and 3D badge designs, we deal with everything under one roof. To apply another coat of customization, clients can also pick their favourite type of border. Hot-cut borders and Merrowed borders are the two-top selling kind of borders. But we can also arrange anything else, just in case it is required. Back your fantasy design with any kind of backing, and secure the edges of it with your preferred type of border today.

Bright And Glaring Customized Patches In Ireland At Cheapest Cost

Personalized embroidered patches are the new advertising tool for businesses, and that's what has surged the need for it in the marketplace. Patches design companies in Ireland have taken that as a chance to splash themselves with profits. But that's not happening at EmbroideredPatchesIE. We are Dublin's cheapest patch maker that offers affordable services without compromising the quality. OuE embroider Pdpatches IE shop is the only stop you can rely on for high-definition and affordable personalized patches online. We fit the budget of small businesses, start-ups, and huge brands too.

To boot, our patches design website offers free shipping, free-artwork, and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Although we work with experienced quality inspectors who can sniff flaws a mile away. But despite that, if you aren't happy with the service, our experts will go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied. Moreover, you can request changes in the digital draft as often as you want, so the end product is just like you imagined. Our custom-made embroidered patches are top-famous in Ireland, and we are sure you'd love working with us (like other customers do).

Expert Patch Makers in Ireland

Why keep that mega patch idea in the back of your mind when you can yield great outcomes? Send your striking idea our way, and let's get it turned into a cotton badge. We use cutting-edge technologies to deliver orders manufactured with precision and perfection at the same time.

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FAQS - Hire EmbroideredPatches IE With Confidence

Embroidery Digitizing Service

EmbroideredPatchesIE is the best-rated dealer in Ireland for delivering top-quality Embroidered, PVC, Chenille, Woven, Leather, Name, Printed, and Bullion patches. Customers are given a complete choice to pick the ideal type of cotton badge.

Plastic, heat seal, hard hook & loop, soft pile hook & loop, self-stick, clutch pins, and magnetic are a few types of patch backings available. Depending on the customer's unique requirements, we can attach any type of backing to their tailored badge.

There are two popular types of borders called: Hot-cut borders and Merrowed borders in Ireland. And we offer both types of borders along with our badge designs. Both borders vary in terms of the overall design, and purpose they are used for.

Up to 9 threads can be used in every personalized patch. Mostly, 9 threads are more than enough, but in case more than 9 thread colours are required, we might charge a little fee. But definitely, the outcomes would be worth spending more.

Short answer: Quality. EmbroideredPatchesIE is very particular about quality and standards. Our patches never wear out and can stand sturdy against any harsh conditions. That's the reason why we have such a high number of repetitive buyers.

That's impossible to happen because we make use of modernized machinery and top-of-the-line fabric. These factors combine to produce a perfect standard patch for the customer. Therefore, we are sure you'd love the end results.

The least size is 2". Well, we don't mind going below that as well, but in that case, the design and overall look of the patch messes up. Hence, anything starting from 2" is ideal. The largest patch size received by us was 5", and we deal with bigger than this size too.

Of course! And we would love to serve you again with our custom patches doing service in Ireland. You can share the order ID with the customer support team, and they'd retrieve your design. Or else, you may send the previous requirements, and we'll cater for them again.

Definitely! Helping customers with making choices gives us a kick and a boost. This means our customers have trusted us enough to rely on our choices. Depending upon the purpose and use of your cotton badge, we'd help you with the choices.

Before taking manufacturers on board, a digital design sample is sent to the customer to seek approval. Customers can call us for free revisions as often as they want. That's how it is assured that the final outcome matches the design.