Refund Policy

Customer satisfaction is essential to our service. That's the reason we ensure the customer gets full value for their money. In certain cases, a refund is applicable, including scenarios like these:

  • The customer paid us twice by mistake. In this case, the customer can show us the evidence and claim their extra paid amount back.
  • The order is cancelled within 24 hours. A specific % of the amount will be deducted, and you'll receive your money back.

In the following mentioned scenarios, the refund shall not be applicable if:

  • A customer has changed their mind and doesn't wish to continue with the order after the cancellation time frame has passed.
  • The produced order wasn't customized as per the customer's requirements. However, in this case, we'll re-manufacture the whole order without any additional charges.
  • Refund or re-manufacturing won't be implemented if a customer accepts a design and later wishes to change the design. A fresh quote will be presented in this case.

At Embroidered Patches IE, we take pride in offering complimentary delivery services to our valued customers. However, we would like to bring to your attention that any taxes, customs duties, or comparable charges associated with the delivery of your parcel are not within our purview. These charges, if applicable, are solely determined by the management of the destination country/state/area and remain the recipient's exclusive responsibility.