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The patch backing type you choose for your personalized patch can either make you go HOO HAA or dampen your spirits! For that reason, offers the vastest range of backing types to support your dream design with the right type of backing. You can pick from heat seal, plastic, pin, peel & stick, hook & loop, sew-on, non-woven, and iron-on types of backings for your patch. Each of these mentioned types serves a distinctive purpose and is ideal for different situations. Hence, picking the right type of patch backing is important.

You can get your customized patches backed with any type of following mentioned backing types:

  • Plastic
  • Heat Seal
  • Iron-On
  • Self-Stick
  • Clutch Pins
  • Magnetic
  • Hard Hook & Loop
  • Soft Pile Hook & Loop
  • No matter whether you select heat seal, plastic, pin, peel & stick, hook & loop, sew-on, non-woven, or iron-on backings - all of them will stay cohesive to the fabric forever.

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    Stunning Unbacked Patches To Flaunt Your Irish Business

    The borders of unbacked patches are very easy to roll in if they are not manufactured out of premium quality raw material. That's why our fabricated unbacked patches stay sturdy and straight, and borders never rolls in. This type of patch backing needs to be sewn on an article, and it stays intact for the longest time. Usually, forces personnel use them to stich these on their uniforms, as they need something that can stay by their side during harsh weather conditions.

    We don't want your personalized badge to fall off when you creatively communicate your organization's identity or express your love for something. That can be a real embarrassment. Therefore, hop on to Embroidered Patches Ireland, and our experienced consultants will assist you in choosing the perfect patch backing type. For example, peel/stick can be your call if you need something for a shorter spell! But if you need to keep your patch intact forever, sewing on it can be the best choice.

    Patches Backing Type
    Patches Backing Type

    Un-Sure About Best Patch Backing? Ireland's Specialists Will Help!

    We are the custom patch specialists who have lived up to this sphere for 10+ years. Hence, our accumulated knowledge and experience are peerless in terms of backing types and other peculiarities. It's fine if you are unknown what patch backing type you should go for. You can grill us with as many questions as you want, and we'd help you with the decision-making.

    Backings have the potency to contribute to the longevity of the patch; therefore, this decision shouldn't be left to choice. Or even better - just tell us about your patch requirements and backing type. Once your cotton badge is ready, we'll attach the patch to your desired fabric/surface. As a result, you'd have a ready-to-use product in a lesser time. Our experts will do it all for you.

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    "5 Star Rating"Hands Down To Them!"

    Such a helpful staff!! Hands to them - they are very kind people who helped me select the best patch backing type. And it's going perfectly so far. I would love to work with them again.

    "5 Star Rating"Great Cohesiveness and Grip"

    Backing usually doesn't stay intact for a longer time. But I have been using their personalized plastic patches for a very long, and they haven't shown any sign of coming off. Great cohesiveness and grip.

    "5 Star Rating"Top Quality Backings"

    I got 50 iron-on patches and 40 peel/stick patches. Both of them have been performing great. The adhesiveness of both is exceptional. I must say, they attach top-quality backings in patches.