Privacy Policies

Safeguarding clients’ personal information holds high levels of importance for We practice several privacy conducts to ensure customers feel safe with us while placing their orders. Take a look at our privacy policies, and you’d feel confident with us:

Information That’s Required To Get Your Order Confirmed:

  • Your full name
  • Contact number
  • Address

The Purpose Of Recording Customer’s Information:

The following are the reasons why it is important to record customers’ information. We guarantee that your information will not be used for any purpose that’s not mentioned below:

  • To reach our customers during the order procedure
  • Share deals and discount offers with customers with their acknowledgement
  • The information will be passed on to the logistics company for a smooth delivery procedure. However, our trusted logistic company signs an NDA to ensure that the provided information is never misused.

The Collected Information Is Never Used In The Following Ways:

We guarantee that the customer’s information will never be used in the following mentioned ways:

  • Sending deals without the customer’s acknowledgement
  • Passing on information to marketing agencies
  • Revealing information on any platform
Cookies Policies

Delivering the best customer experience to the users is our utmost priority. We collect cookies (with the customer’s consent) to know more about their preferences and offer them an improved and personalized experience. We use cookie data to know about traffic and site interaction. Occasionally, third-party services might be involved to analyze information efficiently. Customers can disable the cookie setting if they want.