6 Ways to Remove Iron On Patches (Without Any Damage)

Are you finding hassle-free ways to eliminate these patches without getting damage your lovable outfits? So you are on the right way!

Iron-on patch is the best way to give a versatile touch to your clothing item and can easily cover any torn part instead of stitching them. But the real hassle comes when you make a blunder with the placement of iron-on patches.

Iron-on patches are easy to place but difficult to erase! Quite possibly, you are worrying if you put off these patches on your clothes, they can leave adhesive stains or particles over your outfits.

But you have to make sure you don’t use your bare fingers as the adhesive and chemicals can hurt your skin. Always use tweezers or gloves to eliminate iron-on patches.

Here you can learn about the six easy tips and tricks to remove iron-on patches. Let’s take a look to heartily embrace your loved ones, friends, and fellows to opt for another stylish touch rather than iron-on patches!

Can You Detach Iron-On Patches?

You can detach these patches by reheating and using removing chemicals. If these methods don’t work, the freezing method will successfully work to make the adhesive hard and then detach it easily.

No matter whatever material you have adhered to your patches on, our proven techniques will help you get rid of them. The situation can be a win-win if your patch is attached to denim, cotton or leather. But if it’s adhered to other, low-grade fabric, there might be a possibility of tearing it apart. Pick the patch-removing technique accordingly.

Here you can learn about the six easy tips and tricks to iron-on patches.


6 Easy Tips & Tricks to Detach the Iron On Patches 

You can use various methods to remove personalized iron on patches over your outfit. These are some easiest and most effective tips and tricks that you can use to revitalize the look of your personality.

1. Use The Iron

It is the most common method of removing iron on patches and can provide you with instant results. Before starting, you have to be sure about the fabric your patch is attached to. Usually, cotton and denim can handle the high heat instead of polyester and leather.

  • Set your iron board and set the temperature of the iron to the highest that your fabric can handle
  • Take a pressing cloth or wax paper and put it over the patch. A handkerchief and kitchen towel are also good options
  • Press the iron downwards in a gentle way for 15 seconds
  • Put the iron aside and calmly remove the patch with the help of a tweezer. Don’t use your fingers as the adhesive becomes extremely hot, and it can burn your fingers! If the patch is not peeling easily, heat the iron again to put it over your patch for 15 seconds
  • When the glue starts melting, use tweezers to put off your patch from your outfit
  • After removing the patch, if the adhesive still exists on the fabric, you can use adhesive removers to fix it

2. Warm Water Soak

It may not work for all the iron-on patches, but those patches leaving their place can completely fall out with a hot water bath!

You have to avoid using this method on leather garments. Also, you need to ensure the quality of the fabric before putting it in hot water.

  • Pour hot water into the bucket
  • Drop down the fabric underneath the bucket. If your item is bulky stuff, make sure you dip only the patch part into the water, so the rest of the fabric can hold down the patch part on the surface
  • You need to soak the patch part into the hot water for over 3 hours. Keep your checking the water. If it turns down to room temperature, then pour the boiling water again
  • After three hours, drain the water from the bucket
  • Slowly peel the patch on the fabric. If it doesn’t remove easily, pull over the patch with gentle hands

3. Use Nail Polish Remover

Do you know your nail polish remover contains acetone? Acetone can dilute any kind of adhesive. Before using nail polish remover on an iron-on patch, you need to test to ensure that it won’t be a reason for the discoloration of the fabric.

  • Take a cotton ball and dip it into the nail polish remover. Squeeze the cotton ball over the edges to make sure it’s melting the adhesive
  • Lift the patch with a tweezer and start removing it slowly on the surface of the fabric
  • Dip another cotton ball to place it under the patch
  • Keep continuing the process by applying nail polish remover at the folded edge
  • When the patch completely detaches, dip a new cotton ball into acetone to wipe out the remaining glue over the fabric

We all have the nail polish remover at our dressing tables. Use this cheapest method for removing iron-on patches.

4. Place Your Outfit To The Freezer

Another way to detach your patch is to place your outfit in the freezer. Sounds funny? But it works! When the adhesive freezes, it becomes hard and helps the patch easily leave its place.

Ensure your item fits into the freezer; try something else if it doesn’t.

  • Adjust your outfit into the zip lock bag (so it will be safe from the meaty smell) and put it into the freezer
  • Leave the bag in the freezer for 2 to 3 hours, or you can leave it overnight
  • Before taking out a bag from the freezer, clear the flat surface for further proceedings. Use a spoon to take it out of the freezer, don’t use any sharp utensils. It can tear your outfit and also can damage your freezer
  • Take the bag out of the freezer, and be quick to start your work otherwise, the ice gets melt. Use a blunt-end spoon, and slide it under the edge of the iron-on patch. As a result, the hard adhesive will crack, and your patch will easily detach from your outfit

Now you can use adhesive remover to detach its remaining particles!

5. White Vinegar

Vinegar can’t dilute the adhesive like acetone, but it is quite an ideal way to detach your patch without using chemicals and ironing. Use this technique smartly to save your time and effort.

  • Fill a bucket with ⅓ quantity of water, then pour the same quantity of vinegar into it. Mix well to get a diluted solution.
  • (Before you dip your outfit into the solution, make sure the solution doesn’t change its colour). Dip your clothing item into the water that has a patch over it and make sure the patch part completely sinks into the solution
  • Leave it in the solution overnight
  • After 12 hours, take your garment out of the solution, and take a blunt spoon to loosen the edges of the patch. If the patch peels off successfully with this technique, it will save you time and effort without damaging your apparel

Placing iron-on patches is quite easier than sewing embroidered patches. But if you get bored and want to try something new, you can use this trick to detach the iron-on patch over your clothes. This trick can work effectively without destroying your patches and clothes.

6. Use Hair Dryer

If nothing works, you can use this technique to detach your iron-on patch from your clothing item.

  • First, you need to set your hair dryer on high heat
  • Keep the hair dryer near the patch area
  • Flip out your clothing item, then starts blowing over the patch part for 10 to 20 seconds
  • Starts peeling your patch slowly until it removes completely
  • If the remaining particles of adhesive are left, you can use adhesive remover to clean the surface

Final Thoughts

Patches are the most elegant way of bringing new life to your clothes. These patches are groovy enough to attract people of all ages and give a funky style to kids.

But placing your patch in the wrong position can be the worst scenario.

In this article, you can find the easiest ways to remove iron-on patches. The suggested tried and tested tips can help will ease your hurdle. We shared several techniques that help you remove the iron on the patch easily. You can pick any of them at your own convenience. Using the mentioned tricks, you can always replace your old patches with new ones and stay up to date!

Grant a new life to your outfits by using these smart techniques for detaching iron-on patches. Let us know which technique is your favourite one.